Best of Lusitania

Private and customized sailing holidays in and around Portugal.

Our flagship S/Y Spirit of Lusitania is a Beneteau 57, she measures 18 meters and is extremely comfortable and spacious; find out all her details. If you are looking for a different kind of boat, please contact us to find out what we can offer you.

Whether you sail for pleasure, or passion, as a sport or to moor off a beach for a picnic; whether you want to join in the thrill of sailing, or just sit back and enjoy the ride or both? We make sure you enjoy every moment of it.

We offer crewed and catered full days sailing experiences. And sailing holidays for as many days as you want.
You get the opportunity to see and explore the beauty of Portugal while sailing.  If our planning permits, we are available to sail around other places, from our base in Lagos, Portugal you sail for instance in two days to Spain.  Would you like to know about our SAILING PLANS IN 2020?

Augusto, our Captain loves to introduce you to the Portuguese rich culture, it’s history and cuisine. Besides being an extremely skilled sailor, Augusto adores the Portuguese kitchen and the beautiful wines that go with it. Read more about us.

You sail with our Captain and  Deckhand/ Hostess. We serve you freshly cooked great food, and drinks throughout the day. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

There is no better way to escape daily routine than out at sea.
Hope to sea you soon!

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Lusitania / lu:si’teiniǝ/ – noun

An ancient region of the W Iberian Peninsula: a Roman province from 27 bc to the late 4th century; including approximately all of modern Portugal south of the Douro. It was named after the Lusitani or Lusitanian people.

Lusitania was and is often used as an alternative name for Portugal, especially in formal and literary or poetic contexts. In common use are such terms as Lusophone, meaning Portuguese-speaking, and Lusitanic, referring to the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

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‘Seize the day’ – ‘SEAS the DAY’

To use an opportunity to do something you like, and not to worry about the future.


pluck the day – pluk de dag – power of now – aproveitar o dia – profiter du présent – nutze den tag – cogli l’attimo – aprovecha el dia – Fanga dagen – Grib dagen – aprofite el dia – lassgezun dag

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