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We are two people from contrasting worlds; Augusto Pereira, from Lisbon in Portugal and Dai Briggs, from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Pure luck led us meeting in the port of the little-walled town of Lagos in the Algarve. We share our love for Portugal, the healthy lifestyle in the Algarve, the ocean, sailing and each other ever since.  


Since 2017 we organise sailing holidays in Portugal, and other destinations. If  you want to come and sail with us please contact us, tel us your wishes and we will make your dream come true.


Besides sailing we offer Yacht management and concierge services to our clients. Augusto has all the technical knowledge he needs. He is a dedicated and professional sailor with an engineering background. If you are interested in his skills you can read some testimonials from the past for your reference.

Captain Augusto;

Augusto lost his heart to live on the water when he first went sailing on the River Tagus close to his boyhood home in Caxias, near Lisbon. The call of the sea has drawn him ever since. He has built up an impressive record of experience in the yachting world.

From 1996 till 2007 he ran his own sailing school, located in Aveiro. During these years, and as a consequence, he started selling yachts. Started a yacht brokerage and got dealership for Beneteau. After this adventure he was asked to skipper yachts for private owners. Which he still does. He has a technical background as an engineer, and gained a lot of experience as a project manager. In the meantime he became an Ocean Master and crossed the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean several times. Would you like to find out more about Augusto’s work experience and licenses? Please check his LinkedIn profile.

He is a very internationally orientated person as he worked a lot with foreigners in and outside of Portugal. His first language is Portuguese, and is fluent in French and English.

Needless to say he is a dedicated sailor, and adores cooking typical dishes from Portugal. Last but not least he loves to tell people about the history and culture of his favourite country, Lusitania/ Portugal.

My part:


I set foot in Portugal for the first time, when I was 14 years old, on an Easter holiday to Sesimbra. I learnt my very first words in Portuguese from my “How to say it in Portuguese” tourist guide. That visit left me in love with the magnificent coastline, the wonderful climate, and the calm and friendly nature of Portuguese people. I felt a strong connection with the southern lifestyle, went on a working holiday in Olhão as a teenager, and remember very well walking for hours in my free time, on the long stretchy beaches of Island “Armona” and “Culatra”  with my “walkman” and knowing this was me… Many such holidays followed, and I  moved to the south of Portugal in 2000. Since 2002 I have had several businesses in Portugal.

In the meantime I met Augusto and became his right hand. I help where needed. I gained experience sailing with him for the last years in Portugal as the Carribean, and can call myself “competent crew” onboard. I did my STCW training, which teaches all professional responsibilities onboard including first aid, firefighting and abandon ship. Besides this I got my Power Boat 2 license, which officially allows me to drive our dinghy! 🙂 I organise everything that has to do with the Charters and the Yacht management. I also take care of the administrational and commercial part of our work. Would you like to find out more about me? You can check out my LinkedIn profile.

If you need a professional team to organise
your sailing holidays or deal with your yacht issues,

You can count on us!


      Dai Briggs, founder Best of Lusitania

      Augusto Pereira, Captain and Yacht manager

Sea you soon...

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