Links to the people we love to work with and highly recommend:

 Sagres light house

Boat stuff:

Conveniently next to the Marina of Lagos.  They are a family run business and started working with the fisherman fleet of Lagos. In the meantime, the second generation took over, and they are more and more working with sailing vessels. They have several workshops in their yard with different skills. There is also a good ship chandler on their yard. The only one in Lagos.  We have been working with Sopromar shipyard now for 10 years and know they will always do their best to deliver the best they can. As most Portuguese, they are not very good at saying “No”…. if that is a negative or positive thing, you will have to judge by yourself. 🙂

Feito em Portugal
Upholstery company in the Lisbon area. The company consists of two amazing people. João, a Portuguese sailor who used to work as a model maker in London where he met Shigeri, from Japan, who also worked there as a model maker. Since they moved to Portugal they are getting famous for their precise and dedicated work on boats! They did an amazing and a very good priced job on the Spirit of Lusitania and will do more for us in the near future. 
Have a look at their (partly Japanese) website and contact them through email. and

Just boats
Rigging company, run by Pete Keeping, an enthusiastic sailor and extremely skilled rigger.
Pete runs his business with a hands-on attitude and team. He will always make sure to serve you as good and as quick as possible.   

Shopping for food:

You can find their shop on the 125 just outside of Lagos, They offer a huge variety of locally grown fruit, herbs and vegetables and plants. Run by two hard working and extremely customer friendly sisters and their mother.

Dona Hortalica
Every weekend on the local Saturday market in Lagos, or send them an email to join their list. They are a small family run business and grow their own local products. They produce jams, chutneys and even peels your green beans for you! Pure luxury.


Irmsblog – illustrator/designer   Irma is above all the other things she does, an incredible illustrator. I was looking for someone to recognize my style and taste and didn’t succeed until I met her. The assignment was designing a flyer for us, but in the end, she did a lot more than that. She illustrated the incredible lighthouse of Cape St Vincente for us and the beautiful flower “hibiscus” that you find everywhere in Portugal. She got so enthusiastic about the work she even designed a beautiful postcard for us. It came out so beautifully that we couldn’t resist having it printed. I recommend Irma to anyone who needs a designer that actually looks for what you want, instead of what they want. She works together with her partner, a very professional graphic designer and together they make a dream team. 

Floris Kisman, founder of Flomedia is a very all-around person and made this beautiful website for us. We worked online, us being in the Caribbean and him in Holland. I have very strong ideas about design but he kept very patient with me and we love the result! Working with him was a true pleasure, and we hope to do more projects with him in the future.
Look up his work on his site and judge for yourself. and   

Deize Serrano – Cnergia graphic design
Deize is a Brazilian Graphic Designer. She lives and works in the Algarve for many years now. She takes her profession very seriously and is a very dedicated and evenly precise person. When I presented her work to a printer in Amsterdam they were deeply impressed with her professionalism. Leaves me to say, that like everything in the south things take just a little bit longer, but then the result is so good that it was truly worth waiting for. So if you have the time and want with a dedicated designer for a good price, contact Deize. We are very happy with her design of our logo and house style.