Sailing holidays Portugal

Best of Lusitania offers tailor-made daily or weekly sailing holidays in and around Portugal. Our summer base is the Marina of Lagos, in the Algarve, Portugal. From there we cruise around the area. You sail with our Captain, and a hostess/deckhand.

Would you like to go sailing for a day?

We welcome you on board with coffee or tea and a delicious freshly baked Portuguese in the morning. During the day we will set the sails depending on the weather, and your wishes. Or, alternatively, we can organise a half day sail.

Sailing with your private Captain,

You can set up your plan together with our Captain Augusto while having your coffee or tea. Or you can talk to me at forehand and tell me about any special requests. Along the day you will enjoy sailing along the impressive coastline and the beaches of the Algarve. Or, in the warmer months, you can ask us to organise a beach picknick, do some snorkelling, try out the paddle boards or just enjoy the sun on the aft deck. We organise a lunch onboard or, if you wish, we book a table at one of the great restaurants the Algarve has to offer.  

To taste a bit of our atmosphere: Check our Youtube channel


Or would you like to sail

more than one day?

We also offer weekly sailing holidays. We go where the wind and the clients bring us, so check out our where we are. For sailing holidays of more than one day, or a different location, check out our availability or make an enquiry by email.

Think of combining a city trip to Lisbon? Why not step onboard with us there and sail down to the Algarve? Or if you like something more adventurous, what about a 4-day sail to the Azores? Get your flight back home from there? I can give you all the information about our planning, your flights, and where to stay. Just give me a call, or send me an email with your doubts, and I will get back to you asap.


Experience sailing in Portugal, and relax…

Together with Augusto and the crew, we would like you to experience the beauty of Portugal and its impressive coastline, share with you the many stories that can be told of its rich history, culture, and cuisine. On the other hand, show you there is no better place to escape the hassle of everyday life than out at sea. Being there, even for a few days, is time enough to surrender to the soothing effect of the water. To return to the core of life, something modern times rarely offer us.






Sustainable Sailing;


Best of Lusitania is aware of the enormous impact tourism has on the environment, therefor we do our best to reduce our boat’s footprint as much as possible.

  • We buy seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers and producers.
  • We buy as little as possible processed food.
  • All the packaging, plastics, glass and paper we use, we separate and deposit in the recycle bins.
  • To help us, and for your own convenience, please bring your own reusable water bottle to drink from during the sailing, that way we avoid the usage of plastic bottles. We will be happy to fill them up for you with filtered water.

Sailing is the ultimate way of being mindfull,

it is slow travelling at its best!   Even when sailing fast! 😉 


Sea you soon...

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