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Lagos – Portugal 2020

I know Augusto now for many years, and sailed with him on several occasions, one being an Atlantic crossing from Lagos Portugal to Saint Lucia Caribbean. I know him also as the skipper for years of a Beneteau 57′ sailing yacht based in Marina the Lagos. Over the last decennium Augusto also executed several long distance deliveries of my sailing yacht.

Augusto is a reliable, well-educated, knowledgeable skipper that you can trust. He has life long experience in sailing and powerboats from any length. His standards for preparation and maintenance are exceptional high.

Jac, Life time blue water sailor      Owner of S/Y Surya, Oyster 575

2019 – Portugal 

The Spirit of sailing,

I had the pleasure to cross paths with this most welcome and enjoyable couple.

Almost ten years later, I still look up to them and appreciate their wisdom in many occasions. They have been an inspiration, support and mentoring through my career in yachting.

I had the pleasure to sail from Lisbon to Lagos with Lusitania and since then in several occasions Augusto and Dai were always wiling to teach things about sailing, some maintenance aspects, introducing me to other sailors, to make important contacts and helped me with big decisions in life.

Augusto took me on a Regatta in Lagos, set me up to be part of a delivery crew, of a beautiful Swan 57″ to St Lucia from Lagos making the experience of crossing the Atlantic under Sail on a classic boat unforgettable and enjoyable.

I have spent Christmas on Spirit of Lusitania while I was in St Lucia, living the Caribbean, life in warm waters, cold beers and with good friends.

We have crossed paths a few times and exchange good stories. Enjoyed some of Augusto traditional Portuguese cooking skills in different occasions and places around the world such as Antigua, St Lucia, Formentera, Faro and others.

Look forward to our next sail and to catch up again.

All the Love and happy sailing.

Ricardo Pires, free lance deckhand on several different sailing yachts, throughout the world.

Lagos, Portugal – 2015

Southwest Charters Company has been working with Augusto M Pereira as Captain, in several freelance jobs, mainly on our Oyster 53 DS, since June 2013.

He has an enormous diversity in his knowledge on boats. he is a very competent sailor and has lots of technical experience, in engineering, as well as managing boats. he is a responsible, highly professional and competent person.

Besdies this, he adapts very well with people from lots of different backgrounds, which off course, is very important in our line of work.

He is also a well presented and polite person.

We are very pleased with his work, and happy to have him on our team.

As he is looking for a long term position we highly recomend him on a future skipper’s position.

Pedro Arsénio

Managing Director, Southwest Charters

Portugal, October 2013

I employed Augusto Pereira to skipper my yacht, a Contest 48CS, from Quinta do Lorde Marina, Madeira to Lagos Marina on the Algarve. My wife and I were aboard the yacht for the passage and we decided to have a professional skipper as we anticipated that the prevailing winds would require having to sail close-hauled for most of the trip, approximately 500nm.

We estimated that the trip would take 96 hours, so around 4 days/night. We agreed to run a watch system of 3 hours on, 6 hours off. Due to a few unexpected issues with the boat on the first day we had to divert to Porto Santo. We had to spend a couple of days there ensuring that the issues were fixed, and then we had a few days waiting for a weather window. Augusto was very flexible in accommodating our changes to the plan, and also extremely helpful and creative in fixing the problems we had with the boat. He has a very calm and considered approach to difficult situations.

Once we departed from Porto Santo we had a pleasant and uneventful passage to Lagos. The trip took 80 hours, and we had a mixture of sailing and motor-sailing. Augusto clearly has a natural talent for sailing, and we were impressed with how he quickly he became familiar with the boat and how she handles, both in close quarters and whilst sailing.

We would have no hesitation recommending Augusto as a professional yachtsman and skipper. He is easy to get along with, and he has a good sense of humour. He cares about the comfort and well-being of the crew, which we believe is an important attribute. He has a vast knowledge of boats and is very experienced on all aspects of technical issues.

Ian Davis - SY Zaurak

Zwitserland, 2020

“I am the owner of the SV Tulasi, an AMEL 64, which is since 2018 under the support of Augusto in the Marina of Lagos/Portugal. Augusto’s role is to manage the maintenance of all technical and organisational aspects. He coordinates and controls all work of other technical people including the shipyard. Furthermore, he advices me on organisational and technical matters and coordinates all necessary tasks.  He is doing all management tasks to my full satisfaction. I know Augusto since 2014, when he was the skipper of a sailing vessel, which he sailed to the Pacific Ocean.

I trust him in all aspects and it is a pleasure to work with him, but more important to have him as a friend”.

Manfred Stoll

Owner S/Y Tulasi

Lagos, Portugal – 2018

I know Augusto now for more then 8 years, and sailed with him on many occasions, one being an Atlantic crossing from the Bahamas to Lagos Portugal on the Beneteau 57′ where he was the skipper for many years, others being racing around the cans.

Augusto is a well educated, knowledgeable skipper with life long experience in sailing and power boating vessels from any length. He is a very serious worker and takes safety and maintenance very high.He has good service skills, knows how to be a single captain skipper and speaks muliple languages

Best Regards ,
Patrick van der Zijden
Oceanmaster / Advanced Powerboat / Instructor
Skipper CV29 (Old Pulteney) Clipper Round the World Ocean Race



Nazaré – Portugal 2008

I have known Augusto Pereira for over ten years. He is a Portuguese yacht master/ instructor and has a wealth of experience in racing in which he is highly competent. He is fluent in French and English. He has been involved in deliveries, commissioning of new yachts, maintenance and rigging as well as yacht management.

He has undertaking numerous commissions for me and in all my dealings with him, both business and personal; I have found him to be thoroughly professional, honest and sober with a nice sense of humour.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for a skipper’s position on any vessel. I am more than willing to verify this statement if desired.

Captain M F Hadley

Celtic Marine Consultancy

Azeitão – Portugal, 2008

Having decided to spend a holiday period in Lagos Marina, during the summer of 2007, I was looking for a Skipper to help me with my two boats. One of my regular suppliers for boat services gave my phone number and address to Augusto Pereira who contact me.

I explain him what I was looking for, a Skipper to help me handling with my S/Y “Saint Maxime”, a Shipman 50 ft and my M/Y “Santa Barbara”, a Real 46 ft fast cruiser, 1000 HP.

I engaged Augusto for 6 weeks (middle August to end September), and we had some pleasant days aboard.

We had some guest on board for a few times to sail with us, we were looking for the TP52 Regattas in Portimão, explore some nice spots to anchor and have a swim, and spend the night. All the things we seek to do when enjoying holydays.

Every time I was pleased with Augusto work, his knowledge of seamanship and sailing skills. He is also a good chef. He always insures that we spend a good time on board, and cared about safe passages.

A correct person, with good attitude, that I will easily recommend for other boat owners.

José Roquette Mendonça S/Y “Saint Maxime”

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