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Sailing holidays 2017

“An incredible experience, especially  for someone not so nautical…”

What to say? Never thought I would actually enjoy being on a sailing boat the way I did. I flew to Martinique to join my good friends Augusto and Dai. We sailed to St Lucia where we had the greatest time. Even for someone NOT nautical I can highly recommend a sailing trip with “Best of Lusitania”.

Natasja L. The Netherlands, March 2017

“Sailing lessons and fun for father and son!”

My father and I have sailed with Augusto on many times over the years, to learn and refresh our sailing knowledge, since we only sail about 1-2 weeks every year. It is always a pleasure to have him as our teacher, since he has a calm personality while also being very knowledgeable. His teaching style is about having the trainee come up with possible solutions themselves and then he would either tell us what we could improve or do differently. We like this a lot as we learn to come up with our own solutions.
Furthermore, you can ask him anything about sailing: from manoeuvres,
navigation, items on board, sailing etiquette to trimming your sail, he
can give you all the answers.

If we start our lesson with him, the first thing we always do, is to go through the basics.
Like what emergency items (and how to use them) there are on board, he teaches and checks our knots.
When we practice manoeuvres, in the Marina Bay, Augusto makes sure to not only explain what we have to do, but he also explains how the boat behaves in the
manoeuvre for different scenarios, depending on the type of boat or weather.

In the end, after we finished a lesson with Augusto, we have all our
questions answered and we always feel confident again in our sailing

We can highly recommend sailing with Augusto, you can learn and have fun at the same time.

Patrick and Siegfried Timmler - Lagos 2012

“Memorable experience”

Our day started at the pier of the Marina of Lagos, where Capt. Augusto and Dai  welcomed  us me, my husband and my parents aboard, the yacht is unique and beautiful.The journey started and along the way Augusto explained us how everything works in a sail boat, we travelled almost until Sagres in a beautiful deserted beach where we anchored for a delightful lunch prepared by Dai with all local and fresh ingredients and of course an excellent cold white wine, during the lunch time they told stories about they’re life in the sea which amazed us. over there we went for swimming and Augusto took us to see closely the cliffs in the side boat. After Lunch, there was some wind and the Capt. asked us to go faster which we where very happy to go and was amazing.

Thank you very much for the experience Augusto and Dai and wish you all the best.

M. Coutinho – January 15, 2020

“You don’t need to be a sailor to enjoy !”

This summer I had the most amazing experience at sea with Best of Lusitania. A few days on the water was really relaxing and peaceful. There was sun, a nice breeze, deserted beaches, good food, drinks and dolphins! Augusto (skipper) and Dai (hostess) know all the nice spots and take good care of everything.

Caecile Leon - Amsterdam - December 2019

“A very authentic experience in the Algarve”

The sea has no secrets for Augusto and Dai. A lovely couple and professional sailors, they will welcome you as on their fabulous boat, as their friends or family. You will feel like a home away from home, and they will take care of each step during your stay. Cruising with “Best of Lusitania” sailing boat is a truly authentic experience, where you feel the real soul of the Algarve and transport you back in times. They will show you the “untouched” Algarve and the coastal secrets places, to help you have the perfect relaxing and adventurous times. Thank you so much to both of you, we are now full of memories, laughs and sparkles and can only recommend you to anyone seeking this kind of experience!  – PS: They will prepare you the best food ever! Muito obrigada…

Helena BKK Algarve, Algarve Lifestyle, August 2018

sailing with kids in Portugal


“Unforgettable day at sea.”


We left Lagos Marina with the marvelous team of “Best of Lusitania” really well cared and with a comfort above the average. Augusto and Dai from the single first minute were the most pleasant and professional crew to share these adventure with. The impressive knowledge of Augusto (Skipper) sailing the yacht made our family, 2 young children included, feeling very comfortable and safe all day long.


Hope to see you soon again, but for more than one single day!!!


Luis Rocha, July 5 2018

“Paradise in Portugal” 

Vorig jaar September hadden wij een geweldige tijd tijdens onze zeil weekend in Portugal. Door kapitein Augusto en gastvrouw Dai werden wij hartelijk ontvangen en kregen we een fijne hut toegewezen. Al varend langs de schitterende kust van de Algarve vertelde kapitein Augusto ons over zeilen, de zee en het leven in de Algarve. Overnachtingen in prachtige kleine baaitjes, heerlijke maaltijden, met de zon en ontbijt wakker worden. Overdag werd er gezeild, gezwommen, gevist en per klein bij-bootje op excursie gegaan. De vele dolfijnen onderweg waren een hoogtepunt. Het was een onvergetelijke ervaring die naar meer smaakt. We will be back!

Jeroen B. - January 2020

“Een enorme aanrader!”

Wat een heerlijke dagen hebben wij gehad met “Best of Lusitania”. Vier nachten en dagen zeilden we in de buurt van Lagos langs de kust . We hadden perfect zeilweer en begin Oktober nog volop zon. We sliepen in kleine rustige baaitjes, zagen tientallen dolfijnen met jonkies (halleluja wat prachtig) en alles was tot in de puntjes verzorgd door Augusto en Dai. Er werd elke lunch en avond heerlijk verassend gekookt met lokale en verse ingrediënten en daarbij dronken we zalige witte wijn (Planalto). Augusto is de beste kapitein die je maar kunt hebben en Dai zijn beste ‘matroos’ :_) allebei zeer ervaren, super gezellig en ze weten alle mooie plekjes in de Algarve te vinden. Prachtige verhalen over het zeilen over dromen en wensen. Volgende keer nemen we de kinderen mee, want wat een ervaring , wat een zaligheid en de boot is groot genoeg. Aan boord is zelfs een paddle bord , je kan met het bij-bootje varen, surfen en zwemmen of lekker luieren op het dek. Kortom een enorme aanrader. Dank jullie wel voor deze prachtige trip en hopelijk tot snel.

EC Faro - The Netherlands - Oktober 2019

 “5 Star food, on my first time in Portugal”

We took a dream trip down the coats from Lisbon to Lagos (my first time in Portugal) That was nothing short of luxury.

This past September (2019) we sailed with “Spirit” from Lisbon down the magnificent coast of Portugal to the Algarve. Smoothly sailing in 30+ knots of wind one day, was a sailors dream…what a powerful boat!  But the real icing on the cake was the superb treatment given us by the captain and first mate, Augusto and Dai.  They are lovely people who know every inch of this coast and placed us in the most idyllic anchorages imaginable.  The food was 5 star (no exaggeration) and the accommodation was so luxurious it made me laugh.  This, on a sailboat?!   I’ll definitely do this again…hopefully in 2020!

S Diener - Sounding Free, NZ - Januari 2020

“Fim de semana de luxo.”

“a Luxurious weekend.”

Fim de semana de luxo a bordo de um barco confortável onde nada falta para garantir umas férias relaxantes. Dai e Augusto são excelentes anfitriões, muito simpáticos e sempre atenciosos. As refeições a bordo são excelentes. Os pequenos-almoços preparados pela Dai e os cozinhados do mestre Augusto deixaram muitas saudades. O comandante Augusto é um excelente velejador e gosta de ensinar os menos habituados nestas andanças. O espaço interior com uma ampla sala de estar, os quartos com camas confortáveis, o cockpit central com uma ampla mesa de refeições, o deck de poupa para tomar uns bons banhos de sol e a escada de acesso ao mar arredondam o programa de luxo.

Parabéns aos organizadores Dai e Augusto.

Vamos certamente voltar! We will be back!

Alexandre Schedel - July 24 2018

“Best yacht experience ever”.

We had a wonderful sailing experience with “Best of Lusitania” great Captain, lovely host, and good food. You can sit back and relax,but.. you can also practice or learn about sailing under Augusto’s watchful eyes. We can highly recommend a trip with this team and will be back for more fun at sea!

Thanks Augusto and Dai for your hospitality and a lovely time!

E. Knoes - July 3 2018

Sea you soon...

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