Dr. Scott Diener ARC 2016

Charter across the Atlantic, from Las Palmas to St Lucia.

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to the captain, crew and owner of the Spirit of Lusitania for our recent charter across the Atlantic, from Las Palmas to St Lucia. I have been sailing for over 40 years, including a double-handed passage to Hawaii from San Diego and a 3 year cruise through the Pacific on my own boat all the way to New Zealand. But I never imagined sailing could be like the experience I had with Spirit of Lusitania and crew.

The Yacht:

First, the yacht is absolutely impeccable and comfortable beyond my wildest imagination. My modern, mahogany-clad cabin included a double bed and full ensuite, and throughout our 20 day transatlantic trip I wallowed in comfort. The bed and linens were what you would expect in a 5 star hotel, and the wonder of a watermaker onboard meant I enjoyed nice hot showers. What a special treat!

Second, this yacht has been maintained by a professional crew and the owner has spared no expense to ensure that all systems are not only working smoothly, but are updated with the latest technologies. I mean, I was sending emails all the way across the Atlantic! With all electric sail controls, I found I had considerable time and confidence to enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic, both in favourable and in rough conditions. I was allowed to stand lone watches and not only operate the yacht, but to experience the beautiful immensity of night skies in the Atlantic. Safety was strictly enforced by the Captain, and to my knowledge we had zero incidents – not even a small cut.

The crew

Lastly, I really have to comment on the owner and crew of Spirit. This must be one of the most professional operations I have ever experienced, yet within hours of being aboard I felt we were all close friends. We laughed throughout the trip (my jokes were best I think), played guitar, practiced celestial navigation with the sextant, and even watched movies. Lest you ask, yes…we watched the cult movie Captain Ron. I have a picture of Captain Augusto studying the movie for practical sailing tips! Hahahah. And the food! There is palpable difference between handing out a tasty dish of food and proudly presenting a chef’s table at every meal. Seriously, even for casual lunches we had a tablecloth and settings – and the meals were glorious. This crew operates on giving the ultimate experience to guests, and in a way I felt I brought them home as family. There is very little doubt that I will be back on Spirit of Lusitania. I am planning that even as I write this – and it brings a huge smile to my face.


Dr. Scott Diener
Auckland, New Zealand